Index market is dominated by benchmarking indices, which are the most popular and influencing indices in the financial markets. They have a massive impact on economies and are usually considered as economic health indicators of a country or region.

Index price movements are influenced by many factors like political events, factors which are related to the companies which compound the index, economic data and major shifts in the currency market. Keep in mind that a massive change in the biggest company inside the index is able to change the direction of the index itself.

What do you need to know
about Indexes?

Managing risk while trading Indices is quite easy with Ex 3. There are a couple of tools available like stop loss orders, trailing stops, economic calendar. How can these tools help? Well, you can place a stop loss order, so the trade will be closed automatically once the condition is met. 

“The most powerful indices, worth trading are the FTSE 100, or as it is differently called ‘UK 100’. It represents the 100 biggest companies, considered by market capitalization. Dow Jones, differently called ‘Wall Street’, represents 30 biggest american companies. The Dax, differently named as ‘Germany 30’, represents the 30 biggest German companies.

Trailing stops are smart tools that allows the trader to track asset price movement. Economic calendar is an irreplaceable informative tool which keep you informed over upcoming financial events.


Leverage is a powerful tool in trading, it boosts the trader power. It is like using borrowed money to open more trades, and raise the chances to be profitable. Along with its power, a big risk comes also. You should be very careful when you choose leverage.


CFDs stand for a contract for difference, which seems to be an agreement for an asset's future price. With a CFD, a trader will speculate over the direction of the price over a short period of time, which is also defined in the contract.


A capitalization-weighted index is called an index whose components are calculated related to their total market value. Individual stock prices change on a daily basis, therefore the index daily value changes as a consequence.

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Forex prices usually move fast, especially during times of volatility. Our platform is developed in such a way that the trades are executed in 0.012 seconds. The platform has proven itself for reliability, speed and is able to handle any type of complex strategy you might choose to implement.

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We are dedicated to have a fair and transparent business relation with our clients. We have included our fees and charges in each account type, so you can check each one of them before deciding with which account to start. Check depositing, withdrawing fees and other transfer charges you might do.

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Funding your account is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to have an account with Ex 3, log in and fund at least $ 250. With a click of the button, through the same account, you are able to withdraw your profits. Use the same methods when you made the deposit.

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