Fundamentals of trading

This analysis is useful everytime it is needed to forecast the future prices of an underlying asset based on the past patterns and trends.

This analysis provides helping information before making decisions. How? By analysing economic, political and social forces which may impact assets prices.

Trading strategies are fundamental tools for traders, designed for different styles and trading methods. Any trader needs to achieve profitable returns by applying any of them. A trading strategy will be effective if only it is applied with an accurate trading analysis, and it suits the trader’s mentality, goals, capital available, and trading knowledge. 

Trading Analysis and Strategies

Technical analysis usually generates short-term signals by analysing prices from various charting tools and it improves the evaluation of the asset towards the market in general. A technical analysis is able to be performed by using historical data of the instruments. It can be performed for stocks, currencies, digital currencies, indices and commodities.

Make a choice

If a trader wants to open a trade on a currency pair, he cannot do so and succeed without checking on the price charts. He needs to know if he should go short or long.


Informed decisions are crucial to have successful trades. Autochartist is a free online service which analyses the prices automatically and suggests the most likely winning trend.

Future price direction

Future price direction will help traders to determine the kind of position they would open. As accurate the prediction would be, as higher are the changes to get profits from the invested capital.

Trading Strategies

Day trading is the most popular trading style. It is differently called ‘active trading’. It consists of buying and selling the asset within the same day. Every trade which is open during the day, is closed before midnight. This strategy is usually a choice of professional traders, who knows when to react and how. However, since there is a trading platform available online also, even new traders can apply day trading. 

Swing Trading

Swing traders start the game when a trend breaks. Everytime a trend breaks, some price volatility comes into light. Swing traders go long or short while that price volatility is setting itself.

Position Trading

Position trading uses daily to monthly trading charts to determine the future direction of the currency market. This type of trades are kept open for several days, weeks and often longer than that, depending on the instrument trend.


Scalping is a strategy usually adapted by daily active traders. It is focused on various price gaps caused by sell-buy prices and order movements. The strategy works by buying at the bid price and selling at ask price, to get the difference between the two prices.

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Fundamentals of trading