Traders are allowed to trade Forex directly or through CFDs. A Forex contract for difference is an instrument that enables investors to invest in a particular asset, in this case in forex pairs. The trader will profit from the price movements, while he/she doesn’t own the asset. This contract works like any contract between a buyer and a seller, where the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the most recent value and the value which is defined in the contract.

What do you need to know
about Forex?

There are many participants in the Forex market, starting with interbank foreign exchange, which is responsible for about half of all transactions.

Central banks are also a very important Forex participant, because they are responsible to maintain the volume of the money in their countries and manage the supply for money in order to achieve the higher financial levels in their country.

Other participants are small banks, international corporates, hedge and pension funds. Individual traders are growing recently, since they see Forex as an opportunity to have another source of money in their lives.


Pip stands for ‘Percentage In Point’. It is a measure unit in exchange rates fluctuations. It measures profits and losses. One pip is equal to 0.0001.


A spread is the difference between the selling and buying price for a certain asset. Differently said, it is the cost of trading.

Margin A margin is the minimum amount of capital required to have your trading account valid to trade. The margin makes you available to a larger amount of capital through leverage.

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Trading costs

We are dedicated to have a fair and transparent business relation with our clients. We have included our fees and charges in each account type, so you can check each one of them before deciding with which account to start. Check depositing, withdrawing fees and other transfer charges you might do.

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