“Commodities are traded on international exchanges which help in the regulation of the supply and demand. Some popular commodity exchanges are the London Metal Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Dubai Mercantile Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange.

Commodity prices are sensitive to moves in the value of the US dollar and can be influenced by a range of factors like: fluctuations in supply and demand, poor harvests, natural disasters, wars and conflict, miners strikes, trade tariff and regulations, big economic events. 

What do you need to know
about Commodities?

Trading indicators will help you test and identify your trading ideas and apply them on real data analysis which will lead to informed decisions based on market conditions. Indicators will assist you on better making enter and exit decisions.

High volatility creates great opportunities but it also comes with increased risk as the price direction might move against your decisions quickly. When you are a beginner, you need to understand the risks which come because of market volatility.

One of the best indicators is Moving average, which will give you control over a huge amount of information. When used in a correct way, it is a powerful tool to validate and test your trading ideas.

A Safe Haven

Gold is considered a safe haven, meaning that in times of market turbulence it helps to keep a balanced and safe portfolio. This is because Gold is able to retain its value during turbulent times.

Profitable Returns

The sharp price movements in commodity prices enables traders to grow their profits by making the most out of a liquid market.

A Diversified Portfolio

Get to know as many commodities as you can, because you will have a better diversification of your portfolio this way.

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